Gran Brijit

Saints: Rosalia, Helen, Rita of Cascia, other woman saints with skulls

Colours: White, black, purple

The Queen of the Cemetery, Gran Brijit (also Brigit, Brigitte) is the wife of Bawon and the lady who rules over the cemetery. Each cemetery has its own Brijit, found at the grave of the first woman buried there; she can also be served at the largest tree if there are any present.

Gran Brijit is often called Manman, as a term of respect and to acknowledge her as the mother of the Ghede; like Bawon she gathers the unclaimed and forgotten dead to give them new (un)life within this nation.

Brijit is a powerful healer, like other members of the nation she leads, and is especially protective of expectant mothers and children; while she is associated with the dead, the concept of death in Vodou is intertwined with life and the eternal cycle that unites the two.

In our lineage she appears in possession as her husband does–on the floor, attired like a corpse in the Haitian fashion. Her offerings include a hat or bonnet; skulls; piman; sweet syrups; dried flowers; mirrors; stale bread; strong black coffee; very spicy food; and cigarettes.