Links of Interest

Blogs about Sevis Lwa: These blogs are written by initiates of one sosyete or another. There is often a wealth of information to be found on them.

Manbo Mary’s Blog

KiwiMojo Blog

Voodoo Universe


Houngan Hector

Sosyetes: Societies dedicated to serving the Ancestors, Lwas and Bondye. You can buy readings, wanga and other services through many of these sites.

Sosyete La Deesse de la Mer, located in Leogane, Haiti

Sosyete LaBelle Deesse – Based just outside of Montreal, Canada

Sosyete Fos Fe Yo We, based in Portland, USA

Hounfo Racine Deesse Dereyale (KiwiMojo), based in New Zealand

Sosyete Gade Nou Leve, New Jersey, USA

Sosyete l’Afrique Ginen, located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Learning Kreyòl

Kreyòl Dictionary – a large list of words

Haiti Surf – A list of Kreyol-to-English words

Learn 101 – some introductory Kreyol lessons

Haiti Hub – some free materials to whet your appetite for more in-depth learning

Sweet Coconuts – A great blog to help Kreyol learners

Duolingo – Duolingo has now added a Kreyol course

Haitian History

A Brief Overview – the bare essentials

Wikipedia – Of course, a good place to begin, and from which to follow links

Useful Information on a variety of related topics

The Caribbean Herbalist – info on a variety of Caribbean Herbs, from the site of the late Max Beauvoir

Vodoun Culture – info on different aspects of Vodoun culture, including lwas, veves, drumbeats, etc. Assembled by the late Estelle Manuel.

Vodoun Songs – a give-and-take website of Vodoun songs, assembled by many who serve the spirits