Ogou Badagri

Saints: Saint George, although this varies house to house, and is often exchanged with Ogou Feray and Santiago Matamoros

Colours: Red, khaki, dark green (also varies house to house)

As a member of the Nago nation of spirits, Badagri has his roots among the Yoruba in West Africa; his name is derived from a town called Badagry, where, tragically, is found the Point of No Return, from which enslaved peoples were sent to North America on European ships.

The Nago lwa are all manifestations of power in one way or another, and in our lineage Badagri is the power of the general, of strategy and tactics, diplomacy, justice, and victory. In this he sometimes swaps roles to a degree with Ogou Feray, depending on lineage; which is the soldier and which the general seems to vary based on the specific house and region in Haiti. As a spirit of justice, Badagri will defend the innocent and oppressed, and promises taken in his name must be kept, or consequences be faced. I have found that when working court cases with him that he will expose the guilty party, and if the client is the guilty one and has concealed it, woe be to them for trying to fool the man of justice! Equally, he can cut through and shatter ill work sent against a person, and will lay punishment on those undertaking such work unjustly.

By nature, Badagri is of a fiery temperament, and does not suffer fools gladly. Or at all, if we’re being honest. He expects strength from his serviteurs, and if you haven’t got it, Lord, you’re going to learn. After all, no iron tool ever became useful without being heated in the fire and shaped on the anvil.

Badagri is, to put it mildly, a badass. Strong and wise, powerful and fiery, he is a mighty ally to those with whom he walks. In possession he will often show his strength; I have personally witnessed him bending machetes in half, the point pressed into the skin of his horse; slamming the flat of the blade against his horse’s head without ill effect; and passing his hands through fire without issue.

Badagri is given offerings suited to a Nago warrior, including machetes; spiced rum and meats; cigars; moushwas in his colours; military medals; strong, black coffee; iron; tobacco water; and many other things.