#12 James Barry – Houngan (senior Voudou priest) / A Song for Every Thing

Back in July of 2021 I was kindly invited to appear on this podcast and discuss music in Vodou. Music, Meaning, And Mystery examines the role of music and its interaction with the sacred, and I can’t recommend it enough. You can hear it on its home site or on all major podcast platforms. TO go directly to the episode, click here.

Music Meaning and Mystery

James Barry is a Hougan (senior Voudou priest). We discuss the primacy of music in Voudou, it’s role, it’s effect and some experiences James had using music to heal and call spirits. And music for a good death.

James has no website.

Music Meaning and Mystery website:https://musicmeaningandmystery.ca/
The Music Meaning and Mystery substack: https://musicmeaningandmystery.substack.com/

Website of logo designer: https://www.kurthuggins.com/

Originally recorded July 15 2021

You can subscribe to the podcast at any of these platforms, below.

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